About Us

Pease & Sons, Inc. is a diversified organization with over fifty-five (55) years of experience in the fields of general, mechanical, & industrial contracting.

Pease & Sons, Inc. builds for our customers, systems and structures that protect the environment and improve the quality of life for the people, industry and businesses of the Pacific Northwest. We consider every job a challenge to our reputation and demand a flexible, aggressive approach by our staff. Our organization maintains the agility for small jobs and the strength for large projects.

  • LEADERSHIP: The courage and integrity to set the standards of our industry by conducting our business with honesty and fairness combined with the willingness to carry out new and difficult projects.
  • COLLABORATION: We seek to carry out our work in the way that best advances the mission of our entire company. We believe that collaboration produces better results than other modes of interaction.
  • PASSION: The commitment of energy and devotion to doing the work of our company as well as it can be done.
  • PROFITABILITY: Profit is the financial means for carrying out our mission. Without profit, there is no mission.
  • SAFETY: Creating healthy workplaces by identifying and minimizing dangerous conditions.
  • RESPECT: Explicit recognition that our customers, coworkers, subcontractors, suppliers, and competitors all have the potential to contribute to our mission.

Pease & Sons, Inc. is signatory to the Carpenters and Laborers unions. Pease & Sons, Inc. is a member of the AGC.