ProjectCentralia Wastewater Treatment Plant and Influent Pump Station

Pease & Sons, Inc. served as both the Mechanical and General Contractor on the Centralia Wastewater Treatment Plant WWTP Construction project.  The project consisted of construction of a new 9.3 MGD wastewater treatment plant including:

  • Headworks
  • Two (2) aeration basins
  • Blower building
  • Two (2) secondary clarifiers
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection system
  • Electrical building
  • Effluent pump station
  • Plant drain pump station
  • Solids handling facility including belt filter press dewatering and lime stabilization of biosolids
  • Biosolids storage facility
  • Maintenance facility

Also included was a parking lot, security fence and gates, fire hydrants and protection system, engine generator, vehicle loading station, WWTP SCADA system, landscaping, site roads and drainage, flood plain mitigation, Goodrich Rd improvements, and water wells.